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Here are links to the Springstyle designs of the Russian ships.
For those interested in how these designs were made, here is a link to Rick Robinson's page where you can download the Springstyle software:

Imperator Petr Veliki Class Battleship

Petropavlovsk Class Battleships

Imperatritsia Maria Class Battleships

Imperator Nikolai I Class Battleship

Izmail Class Battlecruisers

Aircraft Carrier Canopus

Estafey Class Predreadnought Battleships

Predreadnought Battleship Pantelmeion

Sviatoslav Class Heavy Cruiser

Admiral Ushakov class light cruisers

General-Admiral Apraksin class light cruisers

Admiral Lazarev Class Light Cruisers

Admiral Makarov Class Armored Cruisers

Palladia Class Protected Cruiser

Besstrashniy Class Flotilla Leader

Bucharskiy Class Destroyers

Sibirskiy Strelok Class Destroyer

Novik Class Destroyers

Chastlyvy Class Destroyer

Izyslav Class Destroyer

Orphey Class Destroyers

Tashkent class destroyer

Kursk class destroyers

Voronezh class destroyers

Zorkiy Class Corvette

Pion Class Corvette

Gvozdika Class Corvettes

Tyulpan Class Corvettes

Lilya Class Corvette

Roza class Corvette

Myak class corvette

Levin class Patrol Ship

Kashin class Submarine Chaser

Volkov Class Mine Warfare Ship

Besed Class Mine Warfare Ship

Bezmolvniy Class Coast Defense Submarines

Khitriy class coast defense submarine

Kovarniy Class Fleet Submarine

Mediniy Class Motor Torpedo Boat

Danube class river monitor

Don class river monitor

Dvina class gunboat

Dneipr class gunboat

Donets class gunboat

Betelgeuse Class Oiler

Belomore Class Port Icebreakers

Floating Crane Trud