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Here are the Springstyle designs for the ships of the French Fleet.
Here are links to the Springstyle designs of the French ships.
For those interested in how these designs were made, here is a link to Rick Robinson's page where you can download the Springstyle software:

Courbet Class Battleships

Provence Class Battleships

Normandie Class Aircraft Carriers

Aircraft Carrier Clemenceau

Danton Class Predreadnought Battleships

Liberte' Class Predreadnought Battleships

Suffren class heavy cruisers

Quinet Class Armored Cruisers

Renan Class Armored Cruisers

Gambetta Class Armored Cruisers

Armored Cruiser Jules Michelet

Gloire Class Armored Cruisers

De Grasse Class Light Cruisers

Brandelbas Class Destroyer

Spahi Class Destroyer

Bouclier Class Destroyer

Bisson Class Destroyer

Aventurieur Class Destroyer

Arabe Class Destroyer

Audaciaux class destroyer

Loire Class Corvette

Besed Class Mine Warfare Ship

Petrel class Coastal Submarine

Falcon class French Coastal Submarine

Raven class Fleet Submarine

Eagle class French Fleet Submarine

Ouaseau Class Minesweeper

Faucon class Mine Warfare Ships

Neptune Class Collier

Vesuvius Class Ammunition Ship