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Organization and Ships of the Baltic Sea Fleet -

1st Battle Division, consisting of Petropavlovsk Class Battleships Sevastopol (F) and Poltava.

Petropavlovsk Class Battleships

1st Cruiser Squadron, consisting of 3x Admiral Makarov Class Armored Cruisers:  Admiral Makarov, Bayan, Gromoboy

Admiral Makarov Class Armored Cruisers

2nd Cruiser Squadron, consisting of 3x Palladia Class Protected Cruisers: Diana, Aurora, and Bogatyr

Palladia Class Protected Cruiser

1st Destroyer Flotilla
1x Besstrashniy (Fearless) Class Flotilla Leader
12x Sibirskiy Strelok Class Destroyers
2nd Destroyer Flotilla
1x Besstrashniy (Fearless) Class Flotilla Leader
12x Parnu Class Destroyers

Besstrashniy Class Flotilla Leader

Sibirskiy Strelok Class Destroyer

Parnu class destroyers

1st and 2nd Corvette Flotillas, each consisting of 10x Tyulpan (Tulip) Class Corvettes.

Tyulpan class corvettes

1st Patrol Flotilla, consisting of 10 Levin class patrol boats.

Levin class Patrol Ships

1st and 2nd Anti-Submarine Flotillas, each consisting of 10 Kashin class submarine chasers.

Kashin class Submarine Chaser

1st Mine Warfare Flotilla, consisting of 12 Volkov class Mine Warfare Ships.

Volkov Class Mine Warfare Ship

1st through 3rd Submarine Fotillas, each consisting of:
10x Bezmolvniy (Soundless) Class Coast Defense Submarines.

Bezmolvniy Class Coast Defense Submarines

4th Submarine flotilla, consisting of 10x Kovarniy (Cunning) Class Fleet Submarines.

Kovarniy Class Fleet Submarine

1st through 5th Torpedo Boat Flotillas, each consisting of:
20x Mediniy (Brazen) Class Torpedo Boats

Mediniy Class Motor Torpedo Boat

2nd Landing Flotilla, consisting of 6x Krokodil class infantry landing ships

Krokodil class infantry landing ships

The Border Guards of the Petrograd Military District maintain 5 Belomore Class Port Icebreakers.  While not part of the Baltic Fleet, they are available to support its operations.

Belomore Class Port Icebreakers