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The Russian Federation Fleet is organized into 4 major fleets and 1 flotilla.  These are:
The Black Sea Fleet, with its bases at Rostov and Sevastopol, and anchorages at Odessa, Nikolaiev, Novorossisk, and Batum.
The Baltic Fleet, with its bases at Petrograd and Tallin, and anchorages at Kronshtadt and Parnu.
The Northern Fleet, with its bases at Arkhangelsk and Murmansk, and anchorages at Kandalashka, Onega, Beluga Bay, and Novy Port.
The Pacific Fleet, with its base at Vladivostok, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatky, and Cam Ranh Bay in the French colony of Indochina, and anchorages at  Magadan and Nikolaievsk.
The Caspian Sea Flotilla, with its base at Astrakhan, and anchorages at Baku, Makhalachka, and Port Shevchenko.
Bases have construction slips or drydocks, as well as refueling facilities and ammunition bunkerage. 
Anchorages have refueling facilities and ammunition bunkerage, as well as facilities for maintenance.