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Here is the fleets and warships of the Republic of France.

The Republic of France maintains an Atlantic Fleet, a Mediterranean Fleet, an Indian Ocean Flotilla, and a Pacific Fleet.
The Atlantic Fleet has bases at La Rochelle and Brest, and anchorages at Calais, Cherbourg, Nantes, Cayenne in French Guiana, and Adbijan in West Africa.
The Mediterranean Fleet has its bases at Toulon and Tunis, and anchorages at Oran, Algiers, Ajaccio, and Beiruit.
The Indian Ocean Flotilla has its base at the Crozet Islands, and anchorages at the Kerguelen Islands, and Djibuti.
The Pacific Fleet has its bases at Saigon in Indochina and Noumea in New Caledonia, and several anchorages in French Polynesia.
Bases have construction slips or drydocks, as well as refueling and ammunition bunkerage. 
Anchorages have refueling facilities and ammunition bunkerage, as well as facilities for maintenance.