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The Mediterranian Fleet defends French interests and colonies in the Mediterranian Sea.

2nd Battle Squadron, consisting of 2 Provence Class Battleships; Bretagne and Lorraine.

Provence Class Battleships

1st Division Armored Cruisers, consisting of the armored cruisers Jules Ferry and Victor Hugo

Gambetta Class Armored Cruisers

1st Cruiser Squadron, consisting of 4 de Grasse class light cruisers

De Grasse Class Light Cruisers

7th and 8th Flotilla Torpilleurs, each comprising 12 Spahi Class Destroyers

Spahi Class Destroyer

9th Flotilla Torpilleurs. comprising 12 Arabe Class Destroyers.

Arabe Class Destroyer

Third Corvette Flotilla, comprising 12 Loire Class Corvettes.

Loire Class Corvette

Third and Fourth Submarine Flotillas, each consisting of ten coastal submarines:

Falcon class French Coastal Submarine

2nd Minelayer Flotilla, comprising 10 Noumea class mine warfare ships

Noumea class mine warfare ships

Sixth through Eighth Minesweeper Flotillas, each consisting of eight Ouaseau Class minesweepers.

Ouaseau Class Minesweeper

First Support Division, consisting of 2 Colliers and 4 Ammunition Ships.

Neptune Class Collier

Vesuvius Class Ammunition Ship