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These are Russian ships that have been removed from service, often due to naval arms limitation treaties.

Battleships Gangut and Petropavlovsk were removed from service to conform to the limits of the Treaty of Cleito when Imperator Petr Veliki class battleships entered servce.  Guns and fire control equipment of these ships have reinforced Far Eastern Coast Artillery.

Petropavlovsk Class Battleships

Predreadnought battleship Estafey has been converted to a gunnery training ship, operating from Sevastopol.  Her sister ship Ioann Zlatoust was scrapped in 1921.

Estafey Class Predreadnought Battleships

Following ship classes have been removed from service and scrapped.

Predreadnought Battleship Pantelmeion

Predreadnought Battleship Tsesarevich

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