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Djibouti's coast defenses consist of refurbished guns from the predreadnought battleships Charles Martel and Carnot, and several new guns.

These guns are organized as follows:

Battery Charles Martel - 4x 305mm/45, 4x 138mm, 8x 75mm AA, 16x 40mm AA

Battery Carnot - 4x 274mm/45, 4x 138mm, 8x 75mm AA, 16x 40mm AA

Battery Tadjoura - 4x 138mm, 8x 40mm AA

Battery Aden - 4x 138mm, 8x 40mm AA

Fort Red Sea - 6x 420mm/53, 4x 240mm/50, 32x 120mm/50, 40x 40mm/60 AA



All 420mm, 305mm, 274mm, 240mm, and 138mm are mounted in single armored turrets. the 120mm are in twin turrets. The 75mm are in single mounts with shields. The 40mm are in twin mounts with shields

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