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Using guns and fire control equipment of battleship Gangut, Russian Federation has turned this barren island into a powerful defense installation guarding Pacific exit of Northern Sea Route.

Fields of fire of various weapons are indicated below:


Diagram of defenses


Casemates are blasted out of island's rocky sides, and mount a single 130mm/55 gun. The port/seaplane base at the northern end of the island is defended by 4 130mm/55 in two twin turrets.

Battery Gangut and Battery Admiral Apraxin are on the island's plateau, and consist of reinforced concrete installations mounting six 305mm/52 guns in two triple turrets, and are shown below:


Battery Peter Veliki will consist of four 42cm/53 guns in two twin turrets. It will be located 1 km southeast of airfield, and construction began in August 1925. Guns and turrets were completed in December 1925, and will be installed during 1926.


On the mainland, at Naukan and Nunyamo, are installations using the guns and fire control equipment of the battleship Petropavlovsk, each mounting 6 305mm/52 in two triple turrets and 8 130mm/55 in casemate mounts. These installations are similar in design to those found on Big Diomede Island.

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